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title:leading in trades by technology, wining in market by technology
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as mr. lu xun said: "the dissatisfaction is the wheels upward. for an enterprise, technology enhancing and continuous improvement is the eternal topic. so casting engineers visited our company on march 19th, 2012 by chairman zhou and gm zhou’s invitation, where instructed us in casting technology difficulty, sustainable internal improvement, mould design and new plant planning etc during the two days visit. technology development dept., casting technology dept., xingao tooling and yumei participated this technology communication.

mino precision die-casting(shanghai) co., ltd (mino shanghai) founded in d      ecember,2003 is a japan enterprise of automobile component manufacture, which have employees around 700. its annual turnover is up to one billion rmb. mino shanghai inherit al precision casting and machining experience and technology of half century from mino industry, which focus on precision casting and machining for al. alloy component. mino shanghai have three core technology in casting, which are ultra thin that mass production for 0.6~0.8mm part and successfully challenge 0.3mm part leading in globle. pressurization that combing the hydraulic component and electric component together by once forming, also applying to those pressurized part with complicated shape. high precision casting that control those casting difficulty like deform, core drawing precision, inside porosity and crack etc.

during the two days visit, mino shanghai analyzed those difficulty happened on dsi main case, middle valve body and gf6 oil pump body and gave us kind instruction. we learned mostly that preparation prior to part development is very important. per the design capacity, mino shanghai are able to fully analyze the sample that customer provided and communicate with customer for those potential risk in casting quality so that part development qualification rate can be guaranteed. data is evidence. experience is just taken as reference or supplement. measuring method is comprehensive. professional dedication that these engineers are all over 60 years old, but still working on site to check each problem that happened the day before.

market is battlefield. in such environment that financial turbulence, market is changing quickly. only when we grasp core technology can we take the leading in trade and winning the market and stand in the invincible position in this financial crisis.

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