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title:share weal and woe & cooperation for win-win
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as a large supplier of jianshe group, chongqing yujiang die casting co., ltd. has established a long good partnership relation with jianshe group. jianshe group held a supplier conference of 2011 on jan.7th, 2012. the general manager zhou daolun, vice general manager liu jun, general engineer tan zhengguang and sales manager ma qingxue attended the meeting. we got “2011 excellent supplier” honorary title from our customer jianshe group. on behalf of yujiang company, mr. zhou thanked jianshe’s support and help.

this honor is a basic measure standard of excellent supplier, and also is our pursuit as a qualified supplier, is a great achievement with concerted efforts and correct leadership of president and general manager. we are to carry forward the core concept “green development, harmonious and win-win” of jianshe, and carry forward the enterprise theory “seeking excellence, surpassing itself” of yujiang. “a time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves; i will set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea which raves.”  to provide service for jianshe to repay their great kindness is yujiang’s sincerest wish in the past time, right now and it will continue in the future. yujiang will continue to perform our responsibility and duty as a strategic supplier of jianshe group, provide a powerful backbone for great development of jianshe group. to strengthe faith for entering the automobile spare parts industry, we must improve our comprehensive strength, speed equipment updated, reach the advanced level, speed new project development, and build system in strict accordance with the ts16949 in order to provide high quality service and achieve zero defect parts for customer.


all yujiang people will cross a river in the same boat, fearlessly onward, create a new chapter in career to catch this good development situation.


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