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title:bringing in 6 axis robot, fully pushing automated die-casting
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in recent years, chinese automobile industry rapid expansion, both scope  and technique of automobile parts also develop rapidly. for adapting market and meet customers` requirements, die-casting unit`s electric automatization  improving, advanced spraying robot and picking robot`s application become very important for meet customers`  high quality requirements, solving short lifetime issue of large parts` mold, de-mold uneven issue, parts surface       quality instability issue and parts high temperature issue.

for achieving large die-casting machine automatization, our company already purchase many updated abb 6 axis robots to assist die-casting machine and achieve automatically parts picking and spraying. picking robots set up     cinder ladle knocking device to knock out overflow material and remainder material, in the producing time to          improve production efficiency and reducing labor intensity of operators, totally solving the surface quality instability issue cause by human factor.  spraying robots` arms stretch into die-casting machines` cavity  with spray device,   automatically spraying the cover die and movable die, comparing with original dcm copper pipe spray devices,    the largest advantages is point location control, flow control and speed control of automatic spraying. don`t need   operator fill coating any more for achieving cooling effect, spaying release agent evenly and avoiding sticky mold    probability of occurrence.

this time installing robots and other devices very smoothly with all department cooperation, already 2 sets of         devices is put into producing. using robots to replace the original stored program control, not only improving          die-casting operating conditions, but also avoiding operators scald during producing and reducing parts` crash        damage, scratch damage and others cause by operators effectively, then improving whole qualify rate and              production efficiency.

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