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title:learn to appreciate and choosing to be responsible
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             learn to appreciate and choosing to be responsibl

                  --ydc successfully conducted the lecture of “”



in order to comprehend the essence of responsibility to our life, ydc held a training lecture at da zhu lin primary school on 5/6/2013 under the theme of “my responsibility associates company’s prosperity-- responsibility counts more than the ability” which is greatly supported by president and general manager. we honorably invited mr. zonghua yang to give this lecture whois the special term professor at tsinghua university college of further education. there were 395 employees (ydc, rhdc, yfdc and yj tooling) attended this lecture.

there is no right or wrong answer to taking responsibility. the only difference is the way you choose. different way will lead to a total opposite consequences. mr. zonghua yang mentioned a puzzling conundrum in his lecture: what belongs to me? answers like: my children belong to me; my parent belong to me; my knowledge belong to me; my work belongs to me…etc. none of them are right mr. zonghua yang said. he finally revealed the his answers: only the things you give out is yours. if we thinking it though, yes, he is right. nothing belongs to you without giving out first. this “giving out” is titled as “i am willing to”. therefore, the whole universe change is supposed to start with “ i”. you want fortune, fame and more, please ask yourself first: what have you been giving out first?

generally speaking, from the sign in to the lecture participating to the end, the whole team had benefit a lot. we suddenly feel like to understand what mr. yang implied: one will not moving forward by putting the short term interest ahead of everything else. just pondering a moment, sometimes, we feel like we have no spare time to study because there are piles of works haven’t been done. at this time, you may choose to finish your work first which may create some short term benefit, however, have you ever thought about how it will affect your future work then? will you be lacking of necessary knowledge by then. if you learn to give out some time to study today, you will be amazed by your future harvest tomorrow.

in mr. yang’s lecture, he also introduced another truth that flower seasons will not last too long.

but what we can enjoy and appreciate is the “current ongoing” life and beauty. thanking those who brought us this beauty and take our own responsibility, it will lead you to find the right way to success. a man who is always looking for excuses, what he sees is going to be all problems and troubles. on the contrary, a man will see more opportunities and right answers.

do you still remember the one who earth you up, who fertilize you when you have a beautiful flower life? what he give you is not what he has to do, which is a sense of responsibility. all audience’s minds were striked by mr. yang during the 7 hours lecture. everyone will need to take their own responsibility to appreciate what you have right now. learn to appreciate and choosing to be responsible

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