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title:yujiang was awarded honor of excellent supplier of 2012 by chongqing jianshe automobile a/c co.ltd
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 yujiang was awarded honor of excellent supplier of 2012 by chongqing jianshe automobile a/c co.ltd

on 12th jan 2013, general manager and vice general manager of chongqing yujiang die casting co.,ltd. attended annual supplier conference held by chongqing jianshe automobile a/c co.ltd, and yujiang was awarded honor of excellent supplier of 2012. yujiang has been jianshe’s close cooperative partner for many years, this award is proof of jianshe’s affirmation of our quality and service.

our general manager published a speech in this conference on behalf of all yujiang’s staff: let us express our sincere thanks for help care and affirmation from jianshe leaders of all levels, thanks for help and support from counterparts. we will cherish this honor and opportunity of mutual development, strengthen and promote cooperation with jianshe in fields of production developing, energy saving, environment protection and cost reduction. to exerting yujiang’s ability and advantage at most and explore new market together.

this is a grand conference of communication and exchange, also a stage of common prosperity. the stage is as big as our heart. let’s cooperate with jianshe to win a more glorious tomorrow.


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