chongqing yujiang die casting co., ltd. has the honor to be awarded as “ 2012 chongqing industry technical innovation model enterprise”-pg电子平台网站


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title:chongqing yujiang die casting co., ltd. has the honor to be awarded as “ 2012 chongqing industry technical innovation model enterprise”
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chongqing yujiang die casting co., ltd. has the honor to be awarded as 2012 chongqing industry technical innovation model enterprise

on january 29th,2013, chongqing people’s government granted our company to be “2012 chongqing industry technical innovation model enterprise” , this honor was achieved by all yujiang staffs strive for. technical reconstruction and innovation is the foundation of industrial enterprise’s long time development. hope that we make persistent efforts, continue to carry forward the unremitting self-improvement, pioneering and innovative spirit, and continue to work hard in the technical innovation, the upgrading and transformation of energy saving to create more success!


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