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title:bbac approved lpa in yujiang
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bbac approved lpa in yujiang

with the project developing, bbac wants to make sure the first localization batch car smoothly produced in beijing, they made a three days logistic process audit in our company. the audit was focused on the following items:

1. the customer demand and communication;

2. primary material procurement;

3. production planning and manufacturing;

4. material flow;

5. transport;

6. technical change management.

only pass the lpa, bbac will pay for the rest tooling cost and allow us to make mass production.

after the three days audit, we scored 81, it took b level, we past the audit. bbac also found some problems and offered some good suggestions, for example, we should regularly evaluate the capacity, make equipment investment plan, and improve the current production plan. the approved audit not only greatly pushed the business between bbac and yujiang, but also made a profound significance with other customer’s cooperation.

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