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title:dating with spring
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       dating with spring

                 -the second fellowship dancing party of yujiang

in this spring, the sunshine is bright and beautiful and the feeling is in an upsurge .in this furious spring, yujiang offers a platform for all the unmarried youth to speed dating. the staffs can combine exertion and rest after busy work, and also promote the emotional exchange of the workers. all can have better spiritual life when working in yujiang. at 7:00-10:00 of 2013-4-27, yujiang hosted the the second fellowship dancing party in the training classroom per second floor, whose theme is dating with spring. yujiang has specially invited the youth from chongqing yutang pharmaceutical co,ltd, chongqing benxun landscaping engineering co,ltd and the second people’s hospital of chongqing gaoxinyuan ,in total 80 people .with gorgeous light, excited music and delicious food , the guest enjoyed themselves.

this activity not only promotes the communication between the enterprises, but also builds communication platform for the workers. we hope: the workers can find their happiness at an early date and also live in dazhulin town of new north zone.



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